New Year Resolution

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So I am starting this year on a clean slate. Especially after giving birth in November! I would HATE to misplace all the pictures I have taken of my baby boy. The same way I organize my business, I will be organizing my personal images. So whether you are a new mom or you already have a bit of a misplacement issue accumulated, join me this year in getting your precious images organized! Here's how:


1. F A M I L Y    F O L D E R

First things first! Create a folder on your computer (mine is under Pictures in my Mac). You can call this folder Family or use your family's last name (I named mine Ruiz Family Adventures). Starting today every  single image that is important to you will go in this folder!

Inside your family folder, create 12 folders, one for each day of the month. I placed a number in front of the year so my computer wouldn't rearrange the order of my folder. (1-January, 2-February, 3-March etc...) Inside these folders you will create more folders and place your images inside of them. Make sure to name every folder you make, I cannot tell you how many "untitled folders" I have on my computer. Lets say your family goes to the zoo on February, make sure to make a folder under February and name it zoo. This makes it so easy for you to search pictures on your computer later.

After you are done with this year, these 12 folders will go in one folder called 2016, and you repeat for next year.

2.  B A C K   I T   U P

For my birthday in October I asked my brother for an external hard drive (portable 3TB since this mama is trigger happy). Like I mentioned before, I was giving birth in November and wanted to make sure I backed up the family folder every month on my external hard drive. So whether it's an external hard drive or a USB, make sure you are backing those pictures up. They're priceless images you don't want to lose.

organize your images in bed


3. O R G A N I Z E

Take one day out of the month to organize your folders. Too busy?! Do a quick dump of your photos under a folder called "cellphone" or "camera" under the month you're in. On an easy Sunday morning grab that cup of coffee and go back later that month and make sure to organize it! It's easier to start now in the new year than letting it overwhelm you in the future.


Anyone have other tips that work you? Any moms that just can't make this happen? Comment below, I would love to read your thoughts or answer any questions you have!

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