Youngest of three, Thomas | Newborn + Family Photoshoot


Welcoming a new member to the family is always an exciting time. Recently, I was able to capture that excitement for the Costa family! During the pre-session consultation for this newborn + family session, I had the opportunity to speak with Mom and Dad about creating some custom tees for the shoot. How colorful and fun are these shirts made by JillCreations! With the mention of wanting enlargements for the children’s bedrooms, I was able to suggest some neutral colored outfits in order to make it the perfect accent to any room. I couldn’t wait to finally meet the whole family! Upon arriving at the studio, Jackie and Ricky Sr., new parents of three, introduced me to their little ones. Ricky Jr., their oldest son, loved to hug his siblings and talk to me about them. He told me that he was the one to name his baby brother, Thomas. Mom shared with me that when they found out they were pregnant and shared it with him, he replied with - “I know - it’s a boy” and indeed, it was a boy!

Next, Mom introduced to me their second oldest, Alyssa, and she mentioned that the newly promoted BIG SISTER was very shy and may be hesitant to smile for the camera. To everyone’s delight, she turned out to be a little social butterfly throughout the entire shoot! She spent the whole time, laughing, playing, and luckily smiled in every single picture. After the session, Mom reached out to me to share that Alyssa started playing “photo shoot” with all her dolls. She would line them up on the sofa and take pictures of them, saying “cheese” to them and stand at different angles - imitating me. Future photographer in the making! Finally, I got to meet Thomas - ten days old and sweet as ever! This little boy was so photogenic. We started off with portraits of the three siblings, and my heart just melted. You could feel the love filling up the entire studio! Afterward, Dad took the older kids for an afternoon drive, leaving Mom, baby Thomas, and I in a silent room with a little white noise playing in the background. Here we were able to enjoy some relaxing time and place Thomas in many yummy, squishy baby poses!

This family was so amazing to work with! The entire shoot came out beautifully and I am so happy to be able to share it with you all. A big congratulations again to the Costa’s! If you love what you see here, follow Ready Freddie Studios on Facebook and Instagram @readyfreddiestudios for even more images and the beautiful stories behind them.

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